Big Sur Breakers

Big Sur Breakers

California Dreaming

Beverly Hills Art Show, Los Angeles

Saturday October 20 & Sunday October 21, 2018

10am - 5pm

This latest collection of work depicts reflections on the diverse and captivating landscapes of California - the raw and ancient beauty of the Californian and Mojave deserts and the dramatic coastline.

These colorful and vivid pieces use everyday and natural environments and heighten them with a visual and emotional juxtaposition.

McKay has predominantly painted on clear plexiglass in an application of loose impressionistic brushstrokes, capturing a luminescence.
The technical challenge of painting these works in reverse, where the last brush stroke is painted first, along with McKay’s characteristic sense of bold color and imagery are reflected in the almost pointillistic, painterly stylisation. 

In addition, he has used a variety of existing backgrounds to create these works, including plywood panels, cardboard packing boxes and on surfboards and skateboard decks.